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2005 ~ Ambiguous Artifacts Essay for Mary MacKenzie's Exhibition catalogue, Comox Valley Art Gallery.

1998 ~ Joyce Wieland commemorative panel. Dunlop Art Gallery. Regina

1997 ~ From Plants to Politics,
n. paradoxa, on-line journal from London, England.

Another Year, Another Party: The History of a Parrticular Saskatchewan
Community Tapestry, Saskatchewan Craft Factor. Vol. 22.
Spring/Summer. 1997.

1995 ~ Canadian Art, 1995 (Spring) Review of Susan Shantz: Hibernaculum
Mendel Gallery, Saskatoon.

Kinda Art, Sorta Textiles: Refusing Definitions, Feminist Art Criticism:
Into the 1990’s.
ed. By Katie Deepwell (Manchester University Press)

Sismographe Publication, Montreal: Reproduction of: “Life’s Tangled
Anthropology and the Tapestry of Time (A Romance of Convenience)”

1994 ~ Canadian Art, 1994 (Winter) Review of Alex Janvier: Negotiating the
Land. Mendel Gallery. Saskatoon.

Fiberarts. 1994 (Mar/April) Commentary: On Symposia: the Next Step.

Newest Review, 1994 (February/March) A Romance of Convenience.

Catalogue essay. Annabel Taylor. Prince Albert. Little Gallery.

1991 ~ Texts, No. 7. Winter.
Ruth Scheuing and the Art Gallery of South-West
Manitoba, Dismantling Men’s Business Suits, Dismantling Certainty

1990 ~ Textile. (Ausralia) (Summer). About my inauguration of the tapestry
course in the Fine Art Department at Monash University, Melbourne.

1989 ~ Guest editorial for Fiberarts, Asheville, NC, USA.

1986 ~ Foreword for catalogue: Contemporary Imagery/Ancient Tradition:
United States, United Kingdom, Canada. Published by Cheney Cowles Museum. Spokane. USA. 1986

Foreword for catalogue: Tapestries from Botswana and Saskatchewan.

M.F.A. unpublished thesis: Love, labour and tapestry: unravelling a
Victorian Legacy.

1983 ~ Artisan, (Winter.) Fragile Magic: A Year in the Tapestry Department,
Edinburgh College of Art, 1981- 82