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1998 ~ Mentoring program for SIAST Woodland College. Prince Albert.

1997 ~ Introduction to the History of Art. University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon.
1996 ~
1995 ~

1994 ~ Drawing and Related areas: University of Saskatchewn.

Included in teaching manual, Projects and Practices: Multimedia and Interdisciplinary Art Ideas. ed. Susan Shantz, Patrick Traer, Colette Urban.

1990 ~ Visiting Fellow for 1990, and inaugural lecturer in new Tapestry Program, and teaching drawing in undergraduate and graduate degree course, Fine Art Department, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Summer School, Finding a Form
for an Issue
, Victoria Workshop. Melbourne. Australia.

1989 ~ Extension Department,
University of Saskatchewan.
Tapestry as contemporary art practice. (A three month course.)

1989 ~ Department of Art & Art History. University of Saskatchewan.
1988 ~ Art Survey for Education Students.

1988 ~ Drawing workshop. Ormond College. Melbourne, Australia.

1986 ~ Design workshop. Cheney Cowles Museum. Spokane. USA

1984 ~ Drawing Instructor. Department of Art & Art History,
University of Saskatchewan.

1983 ~ Tapestry Workshop. Natonum Community College at Emma Lake.

1983 ~ Basic Design Courses, Extension Department, University of Saskatchewan.

1980 ~ Basic Design workshop. Natonum Community College. Emma Lake.

Teacher in Community Programs

1972 - 1977 Organized and taught art program in Saskatoon Open School.
King Edward School. Saskatoon.

1960s Taught English for District Six Night Schools Association. Cape Town, South Africa. (A voluntary program teaching adult Africans.)