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An Unwinding:
Ciphers from the Muniments
By Lani Maestro

This essay appeared in ANN NEWDIGATE & TASS MAVROGORDATO catalogue curated by Anthony Kiendl.

I re-read, asking myself what it is I am looking for. Something that I do not understand, the same feeling I have when making art – to feel squeezed to the edge of fullness, trusting that the epiphany of the unknown will bring me closer to a space of enlightenment. The birth of the other, a materialization of the unconscious, of memory. The body articulates, moves, shifts, speaks of its history. What does the body that makes Ann Newdigate’s work remember? I listen. I rely on my sensations and my memory as I look with an "immigrant" eye arriving to see her work for the first time.

A boundary is not that at which something stops but, as the Greeks recognized, the boundary is that from which something is presencing. (1)
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